Wedding Rehearsal....

Thanks again!!

Our wedding rehearsal dinner was nothing short of amazing! The wow factor was felt by the bride, groom and all the guests. I was so proud and had the biggest smile when I walked thru the doors off the venue. From start to finish I felt I was in good hands with Anna. She also made sure that all the parties involved (bakery, photography, venue etc.) understood the vision as well. Anna truly went the extra mile in making sure our dinner was truly special … a night to remember. The little touches proved that she pays close attention to detail and her clients. I will never forget this experience and would use her again! 

Thanks again Anna… you lived up to your business name…. Your Event, Your Way, LLC 

S Johnson


I found Anna online and was so happy when I did! I didn't know if she would take us on as clients because our wedding was going to be a simple elopement. We wanted the event to be special though, having it in the beautiful park and most importantly include our dog (lol). We also wanted pictures to reassure and share with our family.

I was not familiar with the area and would not be moved until a week before our date. Anna took us on as clients without hesitating and made our day perfect. She helped with the venue and recommended a hair salon, officiants to choose from and a photographer. They were all so nice and very accommodating.

I highly recommend Anna. She is prompt at any and all requests and will make your day the best.

Sincerely, Lori

Not in favor of hiring a wedding planner....

I was honestly not in favor of hiring a wedding planner, I guess because I am basically cheap, lol. But because we lived out of town from where we were having the wedding, I reluctantly agreed with my daughter. I can honestly say, Anna was worth every penny and then some and I was so glad my daughter decided to go with her. I was soooo wrong! We had no stress, she took care of everything and all we had to do was enjoy the wedding.

I have seen so many others who are trying to figure out how to get everything done, find decorations, spend a lot of time preparing the hall and who have to worry about cleaning up after the wedding. We didn't have to do any of that! We could have as much involvement or as little as we wanted. we packed the truck with the gifts and extra food after the reception and drove home. 

I highly, highly recommend her and would never consider not using one after our experience! Thank you so much for an unforgettable evening!


Long distance planning....

Dear Anna,

Working with you to organize all the details of our Wedding Day was a pure joy!  I knew I was going to need help in dealing with the details of the Big Day, but just how you and your team accomplished such a flawlessly run day, is beyond my belief!

From the start, you kept telling me that you were here for me and that you were on my side thru this whole experience so that I would end up with the wedding of my dreams and you definitely delivered! There was not one task that I asked of you that you hesitated in handing for me and your recommendations for a bakery, chair cover rentals, and hair salon were just perfect! Our cake was delicious, the hall looked beautiful, and the way Kelli and her staff did my hair and makeup, as well as all my bridesmaids’, made us all feel unbelievably gorgeous!

I appreciate how much you helped keep me on track with all the deadlines and details thru our many phone calls, emails and meetings. Your positive attitude and infectious energy were contagious! As much I would worry that something would get missed, after talking with you, I was always completely reassured that everything would work out great in the end! You always seemed to know when I was getting a little too stressed about something and you had a great way of taking me aside and calming me down with your reassuring words, deep breaths and hugs! I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.

And even on a day when I was surrounded by my entire family and tons of friends, I knew my biggest ally in the room that day was you! With everyone else focused on the fun and celebration of the day, I knew you were always thinking about me and what needed to be done so that I never had to worry about anything. And I never did! Your eye for design and attention to detail made sure that not only the church and reception hall were decorated to perfection, but that all the people involved were perfect as well! How you managed to make sure that everyone and everything was where it was supposed to be, when it was supposed to be there, is a true talent! 

Not only did my mom, John and I enjoy working with you, but our other vendors did as well. They all had wonderful things to say about how great and easy it was to work with you. You are very good at what you do and a true professional!

To all the future brides and grooms out there who may be considering hiring a wedding planner for your big day, do yourselves a favor and hire Anna and Your Events, Your Way LLC right now! You will NOT be disappointed!

All God’s Blessings to you and your staff! We will be forever grateful.

With love and sincerity,     

Kerry & John

Email from Mother of the Bride....

Good Morning, Anna!

Finally, I think, I have come back to my former way of life--! Kerry is married, honeymoon over, gifts opened, etc, etc !

I  just want to tell you again just how much we appreciate all the work you did for Kerry's special day! I don't know what we would have done without all that you and your staff did! You all were terrific people! Keli did a great job on all the hair up-do's. 

I had taken photos of the displays you set up in the lobby of the hall. The way you displayed the name cards and pillows was so attractive. Kerry said that she had not even gone into that area and REALLY liked what you had done!

Please feel free to use any photos for your website. If you did not take any yourself, I will gladly send you some.

With love and appreciation,

Best Wedding Ever....

Best wedding EVER!! And I'm not being biased because it was my own. We were married last summer in our backyard on the lake. There were delicate flowers, earthy soft colors, and sheer linens blowing in the evening's summer breeze. The night's sky was dotted with the cozy glimmer of lanterns hanging from the trees, then filled with celebration as fireworks erupted, reflecting in the lake's calm water. 

It was truly a day we would all remember in our hearts and to be re-lived with the beautiful pictures taken to tell the romantic story. Anna transformed my dreams into reality. Anything I needed and actually things I had NO idea I needed she produced. Her work ethic, passion and expertise created a wedding day surpassing even a "bride's" expectations. She went above and beyond for all, from the second I met her, until well after our wedding day. 

Having Anna to share in my wedding was the best decision I ever made and I have acquired a new friend in the process. What a great find!!

With love,
Doctors Rodriguez & Yurich

Here is our Testimonial….

"My wife and I came from totally different upbringings -- she from a smaller quiet family, and me from a loud, large, and often somewhat over-the-top one synonymous to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," only the Italian-Lebanese Sequel. Michele was overwhelmed with the grand scale of it all.  She asked for help.  I knew that I loved her so much that I wanted to make things as stress less as things could be given the circumstances we were dealing with. One of my good friends Steve Halloran, Owner of House of Speed, Youngstown (how do you like that name placement huh?) had emailed me Anna's contact information.  Early on before Michele & I sat down to kick things off, I filed the email away thinking to myself probably what many of you reading this: "Thanks, but no thanks. This isn't that big a deal. Why would we need to ask someone ELSE to help?"  Well let me tell you, after going through it with Anna and reflecting on what it would have been like without her -- I strongly suggest you file the "Why Not" question away and give her a call! Trust us!     

Sure, the planning started out slow and low on the reichter scale, but wow did it start to pile up!  Even after we picked a date, the most difficult part for us was WHERE to start, WHAT did we need to do, and HOW the heck we were going to plan it out in manageable pieces that will prevent the overwhelming feelings and anxiety that come along with the whole notion of a traditional, family wedding!  At the time, I was slammed at work and Michele, my beautiful angel of a wife, is a Special Ed Teacher. Free time was slim and when it was, it usually was invested in unwinding and relaxing together at home before bed and starting over again the next day! 


Anna and her team really grounded us at the outset -- even when we let this anxiety morph into fear and then to panic! Would we get everything done before the date and what if something goes wrong the day of?  I can honestly say that with Anna's help, things did get done, and got done in pieces that were very manageable. Fast forward to the day of... The service and reception were beautiful! Anna was there with us the whole time. We love kids and we wanted them at the wedding reception with us. Anna and her team kept the kids entertained and allowed the adult moms and dads to enjoy themselves well into the night. The day from beginning to end both went off without any major hitches! Okay maybe one, but it had nothing to do with Anna! You see, I accidentally stepped on Michele's dress during the initial dance and ripped something -- I can't remember what it was called -- but Anna and the bridesmaids were right there to mend it!  We were able to concentrate on our friends and family and she took care of the all the things in the background.  Your Event, Your Way is a fitting name for what Anna brings to the table because she does cater to Your Way!  She encourages it! And like us, you too will love her for it!


Not a bad story to tell when considering we had around 450 people from 2-3 states all together!  Anna worked great with all of the other aspects of the Wedding:  St. Dominic's for the Service, Mike & Karen Naffa of The Embassy, our Baker, Teri Davidio, the DJ Dominic Trimboli of Entertainment TUNE-ite, and Bob Hlinka of A1 Fountain Rentals.!  She was the conduit, the conductor, and the calmer... I remember countless times Anna centering us, calming us with both a professional, yet Motherly approach. She would remind us that her job was to help us with the "Wedding" so we can concentrate on "Our Marriage". We liked that approach and think you will too.


Thank you Anna for everything!


We love Immensely and God Bless You!


Jay & Michele Colla       

Happily Wed with the Help of Anna & Your Event, Your Way
Happy Married & with a little boy, Jamie, arriving in April 2012"