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I had the honor of being interviewed by the "Metropolitan Wedding Magazine".


I am an ABC Accredited Professional Bridal Consultant and I’ve been doing weddings since 2006. Since starting my business, I have coordinated dozens of weddings/events as small as 100 guests and as large as 500 guests.

Types of Events

I have coordinated a variety of events. Here are a few of my favorite and unique events. I planned a wedding with a bridal party of 25 bridesmaids/groomsmen. I planned a surprise marriage proposal during a family gathering and surprised everyone, especially the future “Mrs”. Planned a surprise “fishing trip” themed retirement party and the first thing the retiree saw was a fishing boat! One of my favorite events is the “Quinceanera”. In the Hispanic Culture, a daughter is introduced to society during her Quinceanera, a “Sweet 15” birthday party planned like a coming-out with a Court, Mini Quinceanera and Flower girl.

How do you Coordinate a Couple’s Wedding Day Dream into reality?

I start by asking the Bride & Groom to gather any information they may have collected from bridal shows, magazines, and websites. This will help me understand their likes and dislikes. For couples that only have an idea of what they want, I meet face to face with them and discuss wedding ideas. I take what I learn and begin to match the couples’ wishes to vendors that will be able to turn their ideas into reality. As a professional consultant, I have strong relationships with vendors, resulting in these vendors exceeding my couple’s expectations and delivering services on time and within budget. 

Specific Services

I schedule meetings to discuss the budget and details of the wedding day. I assist with bridal registry and planning the bridal shower. I will advise the couple while they select bride/maid/groom attire. I provide referrals to reputable vendors and schedule follow-up calls and confirmations 2 weeks prior to the wedding day. The couple and I will sit down and create a detailed wedding day timeline. I will ensure the Ceremony and Reception is setup as specified and coordinate all activities on the big day.

Work within various budgets

My clients are from all walks of life. It amazes me how every bride, regardless of background, has similar problems staying within budget. What I do is educate each bride on the average cost of reception halls, caterers, florists and wedding photographers. This gives the couple a truer sense of what their wedding will actually cost.

My top three money saving tips:

  1. Create a list of what you wish to have in the wedding and compare that to what your budget allows
  2. Creating a guest list is a sure way of controlling the wedding cost
  3. Pick your top three places for your honeymoon

The three items above will get the couple to discuss what they want versus what is financially possible. They may not be able to afford the fanciest venue, they may not be able to invite everyone and the honeymoon in Europe may be out of reach considering the actual cost of the wedding.

Reflect their Personality and Individuality

I meet with each client and create a profile. The profile lists what the bride wants and also what the groom wants. Using this information, I then discuss theme, venue, colors and any unique items they wish to incorporate into the event. Starting off by capturing what the bride and groom want is essential in understanding where they are in agreement and where there are differences we need to discuss further.

Reason why someone would choose Wedding Planner

You get what you pay for, unfortunately couples find out something has gone horribly wrong when it's too late. There are no do-overs, selecting your vendors based on service and quality is a must. For example, I bumped into a bride who told me her wedding day horror story. She said, “When we finally made it to the reception hall, we were supposed to have two hot buffets and were given only one. I booked the hall until midnight and was told to leave around 9:00pm!” My advice is to hire a wedding/event planner, even just for consultations and the planner will keep you on the right track.

Why you are passionate about your work?

When a bridal couple hires me, I work with them from start to finish. When I am planning a wedding, I understand I am bringing not only two people together, but two families. I work hard to make that day the most wonderful, memorable day for everyone. It is very important to me that I take my couples dreams and make them come true. The joy I see on their faces and they tell me this day was perfect, that makes me proud in what I do.

All Credits to: Metropolitan Wedding Magazine
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Anna M. Serrano
Wedding & Event Coordinator
ABC Professional Bridal Consultant 
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